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Žabáček (Little Frog) Swimming classes Šumperk

The swimming school in Šumperk has a long tradition, going back to 1994 when lessons for children first started here. Since 2007 classes have been run by Šumperský sportovní areály s.r.o. Following reconstruction, the centre was reopened in September 2020 and has now resumed its activities.

The swimming school offers courses for children from nursery and elementary schools. Classes for children are held in the afternoon in the main pool (25m) and the children´s pool by a qualified swimming instructor and with the use of swimming aids.

All our pupils are little frogs

Žabáček (Little Frog)

Žabáček (Little Frog)

All our pupils are little frogs

All our pupils are little frogs

Basics and aim of lessons

The basic principle of the swimming classes is collective practice along with an individualised approach. Children first become familiar with the water environment, learn to feel safe in the water and not to be afraid, get to know it through games, and gain movement skills in the water environment such as dipping under.

The aim of the lessons is to perfectly acquaint children with water in a natural way suitable for their age (dipping the head, breathing, floating, orientation under water, jumping into the water…), leading to the development of swimming skills, endurance and gaining a stronger relationship with water through games.
Getting accustomed to water is linked to practising basic swimming skills such as floating (front and back), breathing, orientation under water, jumping into the water, etc. Furthermore, teaching is tied to the child´s own swimming movement, so that first they learn how to use their legs, then arms and then in coordination, gradually perfecting forms of swimming style.


Swimming aids no frog will let go of!

Hot room from Carreta-spa

Hot room from Carreta-spa

High-quality swimming aids

Quality swimming aids from DENA no frog will let go of!

Swimming Aids

An essential part of swimming lessons is also swimming aids. They simplify the process of teaching children in the pool. They help to overcome the psychological barrier and create a feeling of safety. Swim aids eliminate fear of the water and depth, and support practising the basic positions. They help hold the body in the correct position and enable practice of movements. They also help in adding variety to the lesson and increasing children´s activity e.g. slide, balls, floats, etc.

Great care has been taken in the choice of swimming aids and this is why we use products from the Czech producer DENA. We also place emphasis on their correct storage, disinfection, and drying.  In designing the new Aquacentrum greater demand with regard to these aspects was taken into account.


Žabáček (Little Frog) Pre-swimmers club

Courses take place at AQUACENTRUM Šumperk in the small training pool and partly in the 25 m main pool. They are intended for age groups between 4 to 6 years of age.

Swimming is from September to December (first semester), and from January to June (second semester), on Monday or Wednesday, from 3 -4 pm or from 4-5 pm, once a week. Children´s groups are divided up according to age to a maximum of 10 children per group. Each group swims under the supervision of an experienced swimming instructor.

Lessons are aimed primarily at free and natural movement of the children in water through games, perfectly familiarising them with the water environment so that they learn not to be afraid of water and gain a positive relationship with it.

Along with getting used to the water they also practice basic swimming skills, such as floating (front and back), breathing, orientation under water and at the surface, jumping and falling, and all with the use of swimming aids. 


Price of courses:
from September to December (first semester) 10-12 lessons: 1 800 crowns. This course is already sold out
from January to June (second semester) 10-12 lessons: 1 800 crowns
Swimming takes place throughout the school year except for school holidays and public holidays.
Applications can be found at the link for forms to download, from mid-August 2020.

To download

  Application form for Žabáček swimming club PDF XLS WORD